I love growing from seeds. I just love seeing how a plant develops from a tiny seed, almost effortless, just like that, from one day to another. Well, it’s not always that easy so I was very excited when Rachel, at Green and Gorgeous, offered a new class in her training calendar, the┬áPropagation Masterclass. I can’t wait to learn from her and know more about this beautiful art of growing your flowers from seeds. And I can’t wait to see what grows in her garden this year. I’ll definitely show you, stay tuned.








House & Garden

It has always been a big dream of mine, working for a big magazine, being published .. And look what happened, this dream of mine has just come true. The past year I’ve been working on this series that you’ll find now in House & Garden Magazine and for another 5 months.┬áSeeing my photographs in print, right here, I cannot describe the feeling. But it is definitely a ┬ávery good one.