Propagation MC

So as promised earlier, here are some more photos of the Propagation Masterclass I did at the end of March at Green and Gorgeous. The class was both informative and practical, and those who came were all flower lovers so we did have a great time together.  Although I have a good basic knowledge of how to grow flowers from seeds or take dahlia cuttings, my confidence needed this class a lot. I learnt so much about flowers, compost, greenhouses, taking and storing seeds over winter, oh and much more. Upon arrival, we had a coffee by the fire in the flower studio..



propagation_03Jesse, the beautiful whippet


We were all given these seed trays that we later filled with all things nice! These tin boxes containted packets of seeds that we brought home and could continue sowing seeds at home – this is a never ending story.

propagation_06The team learning from Rachel. And we got a little assistant as well!


propagation_08Coffee and cookies, oh my they were delicious! Sadly I didn’t take any pictures of our lunch, only because I just couldn’t put my fork and knife down!



propagation_11Ashley talked about direct sowing

propagation_12The seeds I sowed there are doing great at home too although not as neatly sown as at GG. I’m absolutely fascinated by the seed of the Scabiosa Stellata “Ping Pong” and how the seedling comes alive from that dry seed.

propagation_13Scabiosa Stellata “Ping Pong”

propagation_14I cannot wait to see all these beauties being planted out, cover the garden and flower!

If you’re interested in the class, there’s another one coming up in August and that is the perfect time for sowing seeds like Ammi Majus or Orlaya Grandiflora (my forever favourites), ah, too late for me now but I’ll just think back to this class when I sow my Autumn seeds. And when I collect them. And when I divide perennials. Oh and the dahlia cuttings, it really is not the most difficult thing in the world, as I always thought.


I love growing from seeds. I just love seeing how a plant develops from a tiny seed, almost effortless, just like that, from one day to another. Well, it’s not always that easy so I was very excited when Rachel, at Green and Gorgeous, offered a new class in her training calendar, the Propagation Masterclass. I can’t wait to learn from her and know more about this beautiful art of growing your flowers from seeds. And I can’t wait to see what grows in her garden this year. I’ll definitely show you, stay tuned.








House & Garden

It has always been a big dream of mine, working for a big magazine, being published .. And look what happened, this dream of mine has just come true. The past year I’ve been working on this series that you’ll find now in House & Garden Magazine and for another 5 months. Seeing my photographs in print, right here, I cannot describe the feeling. But it is definitely a  very good one.